About Impact Network Solutions

Impact Network Solutions was founded in 1992 in Celina, Ohio with a mission to provide top-quality telecommunications services at an affordable price. The company initially acquired a small interconnect company, Pifer Communications, and quickly expanded its product lines to become a comprehensive provider of telecom solutions.

As Impact’s product lines expanded, so did its business opportunities and geographical focus. The opening of an office in Lima enabled the company to serve clients along the I-75 corridor more effectively. Over the years, Impact continued to expand, opening offices in Sandusky and Findlay, and eventually relocating its corporate headquarters to Findlay, Ohio. Today, Impact provides long-distance services in six states and has networked phone systems in 10 states.

Impact owes its success to a combination of hard work, trusted employees, and a commitment to customer service. The company takes pride in servicing what it sells and offers only quality products. With a history of excellence and a bright future ahead, Impact is well-positioned for continued growth and success.

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