Why Hosted VOIP?

Your business communication system is the underlying factor that influences both customer satisfaction and employee productivity. The phone serves as the gateway for customers to interact with your business and is also the primary means for your employees to collaborate and accomplish tasks.


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Compared to traditional hard-wired, legacy phone systems, cloud-based communication systems provide significant benefits


Decrease costs and eliminate unexpected expenses


Enhance your ability to stay connected with your high-touch customers


Attract new talent and optimize productivity by catering to individual needs.

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Where Your Legacy On-Premises Phone System Fails Your Business

Mobile productivity: Traditional phone systems are not built to seamlessly support mobile capabilities, which severely inhibits collaboration between distributed employees and their ability to address urgent customer issues while on the go.

Cost: Even if you’ve paid off your traditional on-premises business phone system, you face continued costs for managing the system and adding new phone lines.

Complexity: If you want to easily integrate modern business productivity and collaboration features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, team chat, and file storage and backup to your traditional on-premises phone system, well, you really can’t. Plus, adding new phone lines as you bring on new employees takes too much time and costs too much with a traditional phone system.

Downtime: Every minute your on-premises phone system is down due to a power outage or some other system failure that is out of your control is a minute that a customer cannot reach you. This lack of redundancy can be costly, adversely affect your reputation, and diminish your credibility.

Cloud Communications Business Advantage

Easy to set up and use: Cloud-based phone systems can be activated in minutes.
Less expensive: Costs shift from capital expenditures to operating expenditures through a flat, per-user rate that scales with your business—you buy only what you need.
No surprise expenses: All infrastructure, support, and management/admin costs are included in one predictable subscription fee.
Mobile-ready: Built to handle mobile and remote access, cloud phones offer employees the ability to work from their desktop or mobile phone
Easily integrated: Cloud phones often integrate collaboration tools that include video conferencing, team chat, file sharing, screensharing, and more
Simple to manage: Cloud phones enable you to benefit from many services, with the ability to get them all from one provider, with one bill, and one support number

Uptime delivered: Cloud-based phone systems usually come with a much higher level of uptime than on-premises systems—up to 99.999%.
Reliable: In the event of a natural disaster, cloud-based phone systems that offer mobile integration allow you to conduct business over your mobile phone as if you were in the office.