SIP Trunking Service

What is SIP trunking?
SIP trunking service provides businesses with a platform for deploying business IP technologies including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. SIP trunking is rapidly changing the way that businesses communicate by offering greater flexibility, increased cost-savings and additional service features not found with traditional phone service. SIP trunk service allows for the replacement of traditional fixed PSTN lines with connectivity via the SIP trunk provider through the Internet. SIP trunking service carries voice, data and video traffic over a single line allowing for greater productivity.

There are several important aspects to consider when selecting business VoIP and SIP trunking service which include reliability and cost-savings. Today, many businesses have 30-40% excess capacity on their current data service. With SIP trunking service, excess bandwidth can be utilized for voice traffic. Your business can experience greater cost-savings by utilizing this excess bandwidth. However, it is important to ensure your business has enough bandwidth available to support voice traffic or reliability and call quality may suffer. Business SIP trunking requires three components which include: (1) PBX/ IP PBX, (2) edge device that can handle the traversal of SIP traffic and (3) a SIP trunk from an ITSP.  Contact one of our SIP specialists to find out whether or not SIP trunking is the right solution for your communications needs.

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