VPN Solutions

Harness the power of convergence
Our VPN Solutions allow your business to connect multiple offices and enjoy the simplicity of combining your voice, data and Internet traffic over a single connection. Whether you have two sites or 200, Impact Network Solutions can customize a secure, reliable solution to maximize your networking investment.  Impact Network Solutions VPN (Virtual Private Network) product uses MPLS technology in your network.

The next evolution of telecom

What is MPLS? (Multi-protocol Label Switching)
MPLS directs the flow of traffic over your network by making better use of all available network paths.  The MPLS protocol enables routers to read the labels for each data packet which can be used to switch multiple types of traffic.  These MPLS labels contain Quality of Services (QoS) tagging or Class of Services (CoS) priority, which prioritize and schedule packet movement across the network based on your needs.

Your network conundrum – Solved
Our VPN Solutions will simplify your network using MPLS technology. This new solution will enable your business to more quickly deploy powerful business applications like VoIP, supply chain management and CRMs.

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