Video Conferencing

Be anywhere, anytime – in real time.

Video conferencing provides your company a real-time communication solution that is used throughout most industries, the government, military and schools around the world.

Improved Productivity
Video Conferencing boosts productivity, allowing remote users to collaborate on documents and share data, allowing faster decision-making, improving capabilities to bring products and solutions to market faster, and enabling you to stay ahead of your competition. Dispersed work forces and project teams present many challenges, none more misunderstood than lost, slow, or simply nonexistent communication between individuals residing in different locations. Most teams interact using phone, e-mail, instant messaging (IM), or workflow applications. However, with 80 percent of communication consisting of non-verbal visual cues, the ability of teams to understand, process, and collaborate over distance using these methods is best halting, and at worst, severely impeded. Wherever video is added to a meeting, participants are more likely to stay focused, because they can be seen as well as heard. Expressions of satisfaction, concern, confusion, understanding and so on, can easily be seen and addressed, speeding and informing the group more effectively than myriad e-mails, voicemails, and IMs. The result: decisions are made faster, projects completed sooner, and productivity increased across the organization.

Reduce Travel Costs/Save Money
Video Conferencing saves money due to reduced travel requirements. As travel costs continue to skyrocket, the ability to hold Video Conferences directly reduces travel and expense costs for you and your staff. Travel is often a prerequisite for leveraging new market opportunities. Journeying to distant locales to engage in face-to-face interactions with customers, partners, and colleagues is a time-honored business ritual, and nothing will ever replace the immediacy and impact of live interactions. But a large percentage of routine or regular business trips –with all their attendant expense – can be eliminated by communicating over video. You will see a single outlay of annual travel expenses far outweighing the entire video conferencing investment, easily justifying the implementation.

Sustained Competitive Advantage
Video Communication offers your company multiple paths for creating and maintaining a competitive advantage. Teams communicating over video are able to share knowledge more widely, resulting in faster and more informed decisions that reduce the time to market for new products and services. Support teams leverage video to create more personal, on-to-one relationships with relationships with customers, encouraging a loyalty far beyond the capabilities of a traditional call center agent. Manufacturing organizations use video conferencing and content sharing to verify product quality, make revisions, and ensure accuracy throughout the supply chain, immediately appreciate the status of the pipeline, beyond the rows on a spreadsheet. Public relations and human resource departments can promote the organization’s use of video as proof of corporate efforts to protect the environment, helping to ensure they end up on the short list of preferred vendors for environmentally friendliness in competitive governmental or commercial bids.

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