Video Surveillance

Security Cameras and Installation

View Real-Time Images from Virtually Any Location

Camera systems provide peace-of-mind regarding the safety of your employees, customers, business assets, and premises. With the wide array of camera features available it’s important to select an experienced provider who will design and install a camera system tailored to your needs, specifications, and budget.

Today’s security camera technology offers amazing features, including:

  • Ability to check camera views from your smart phone. This enables you to provide additional information to police or, if it was something as harmless as a small animal, cancel an alarm.
  • Night vision, thermal imaging – records activity, including faces and vehicle license numbers, even in total darkness to deter or prosecute thieves and vandals
  • Camera solutions for low-light and no-light conditions
  • Cameras designed for harsh environments and sensitive applications
  • Motion detection with automated announcements, such as “The police have been notified. Please exit immediately.”

Keep Your Business Safe from Losses—both Inside and Out

Today’s camera technologies provide excellent monitoring and recording capabilities which can minimize employee theft and break-ins. And, when an event happens, having the correct camera and setup for specifics of the location can mean the difference between having a messy blur and capturing clear images that will assist law enforcement professionals.

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