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Box Security Cameras

Box cameras provide the most flexibility when designing a security camera system. With box cameras, you can easily interchange lenses and control the angle of view and magnification (zoom) allowing for precise recording of your subjects. With the control capabilities of our box cameras; you can achieve high quality results even under the most undesirable lighting conditions.

Box cameras are not weatherproof cameras so they are normally used in indoors however, because of their great flexibility, they can be installed within a weather proof housing for outdoor use. Box cameras are your best bet for low cost and flexibility.

Bullet Security Cameras

The Bullet Security Camera is an ideal camera for many security applications. They are easy to install, discrete, and low cost. Bullet Security Cameras are available in black & white, color and in a variety of configurations and sizes. They utilize the same technology found in larger cameras only the parts are miniaturized to fit in a small enclosure.

Bullet cameras are typically smaller cameras that are just over 2 inches long and resemble a bullet shell casing. Bullet cameras utilize CCTV technology and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome Security Cameras are hard to spot and are durable. Dome Security Cameras are generally ceiling mounted or wall mounted and can easily be overlooked or mistaken for motion sensors or light fixtures.

Ceiling mounted Dome Security Cameras truly are the ‘EYE in THE SKY’ because they have a full 360 degrees of movement and can point in any direction. No one really knows which way the camera is looking. Dome Security Cameras can be manually adjusted at any time to monitor other directions. If you want to automatically adjust the direction of the camera. Dome Security Cameras range from very low cost up to $10,000 for high end PTZ, Explosion Proof cameras.
Different Types of Dome Security Cameras:

  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Cameras allow you to manually or automatically pan the area around your camera, tilt up and down, as well as zoom in on anything within the sight of the lens. In automatic mode, hundreds of points can be set for the camera to look at for any duration of time.
  • High Resolution Dome Security Cameras allow you to see much more detail than standard security cameras, allowing up to Full HD of 2.0 Mega-pixels.
  • Vandal Proof Security Cameras are designed to withstand and prevent attempts to tamper, open, damage, or destroy the security camera inside. They also double as weatherproof housing.

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras

PTZ Security Cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom) also known as PTZ cameras are excellent devices to use when you want to ‘look around’ your surveillance area. PTZs allow you to manually or automatically pan the area around your camera, tilt up and down, and zoom in on anything within the sight of the lens. In automatic mode, hundreds of points can be set for the camera to look at for any duration of time. They make a great supplement to your standard fixed cameras. Some PTZ cameras are also capable of tracking object, human or thermal motion (auto tracking), great for monitoring areas of importance such as entry and exit points.

Great for Management and Safety

PTZ cameras can give management an extra level of information in live time that can be an invaluable tool for your business. By allowing you to monitor on the productivity of employees or catch any unacceptable behavior, a PTZ camera has the potential to save you money and help maximize your employees’ performances.

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are also a great tool for a Plant Safety Supervisor. In the manufacturing industry, safety is always a top priority and a PTZ camera system can give safety supervisors an unparalleled ability to monitor multiple plant locations in live time all from one desk

Infrared (IR) Security Cameras

Infrared refers to a section of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes radio waves, x-rays and visible light. Since part of the infrared spectrum is invisible to the human eye, cameras that are equipped with infrared sensing technology are capable of detecting images in the darkest of situations.

Infrared security cameras utilize light with wavelengths longer than 700 nanometers, which is invisible to the human eye. By using IR emitters (usually IR LEDs), the camera can send out infrared light to illuminate its target area. The more emitters a camera has, the more effective is it at illuminating a target. Certain emitters are more powerful and work best for longer distances. They achieve infrared illumination using a technology called photocell activation. Photocell activation recognizes changes in lighting conditions; so that once the infrared is no longer needed it switches to non-IR modes.

Network IP Security Cameras

An IP (Internet Protocol) Security Camera is a type of digital security camera that, unlike analog CCTV cameras is capable of sending and receiving data from a computer network and the internet. An IP Camera is essentially a ‘webcam’ of high quality being applied to surveillance needs. Because an IP camera sends and receives from a network, it is remotely accessible, allowing users to access the camera from other locations, even on their smart phone. Recording video captured by an IP Camera is done with a network video recorder, since DVRs require direct connections.

Vandal Proof Security Cameras

Vandal Proof Security Cameras (also known as Vandal Resistant) are CCTV cameras inside a vandal resistant housing. The housing is designed to withstand and prevent attempts to tamper, open, damage, or destroy the security camera inside. This type of camera is ideal for areas where your security camera is vulnerable to vandalism. Since security cameras are in place to deter theft or vandalism, a thief or vandal will often target security cameras so that they can get away with committing the act.

Outdoor or Indoor

They are most traditionally used outside, where people will have access to them even after business hours. However, in recent years, they have become more common in indoor areas. Public places like schools, community centers or places with low-hanging ceilings. When used in outdoor applications, the vandal proof housing also doubles as weatherproof housing. It can withstand exposure to the elements like rain, snow, wind, and dust.

Covert Security Cameras

We sell a variety of Covert Cameras suited for a variety of situations that might call for different methods of conversion.

Covert Security Cameras are exactly what they sound like: Security cameras that are hidden by illusive covers and casings. There are good reasons why one might need to conceal their security cameras, such as monitoring employee productivity, or behavior that you find suspicious that might otherwise go unseen. There are various ways to achieve conversion with a security camera, and our Security Consultants typically utilize three methods.

Mini Camera: An intuitive way of making a camera covert is by making it very small. We sell a mini security camera that is just 1 1/3 inch, which makes it very hard to notice on its own, let alone if you have it hidden.

Motion Detector Camera: Another way of hiding a security camera is by hiding it behind a mock motion detector casing, deceiving anyone unaware of the camera into thinking that the device on the wall is just a motion detector.

Smoke Detector Camera: In a similar fashion to motion detector cameras, we also sell smoke detector cameras, which are just small cameras hidden by smoke detector casings. These cameras can monitor whole rooms while being mounted to a ceiling without anyone in the room being aware.


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